Khady Niang Financial Advisor Assistant

Before joining Raymond James, Khady Niang was a licensed Investment Representative (IR), which provided her with invaluable experience in deepening customer relationships. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Financial Mathematics and Economics (BSc). Khady continues to further her education and has completed the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course. Khady is a quick learner and is trilingual! Khady has excellent communication skills in English, French, and Wolof (verbal and written).

You can trust that Khady is a valuable team member who always puts clients’ needs first. Khady works closely with Financial Advisor Kurt Lucier to provide professional client support with a focus on integrity and commitment with all she does.

Outside of work, Khady is passionate about travel and learning about new cultures. Khady enjoys helping people unlock their potential whether it be through fitness or volunteering opportunities.